Buddha Heart Sutra Incense Burner

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1. Craft Buddha Ornaments Made of Zinc Alloy Material, Incense Stick Holder Durable and Practical, Use for Bronze Tone Dragon Phoenix Tea Room Decoration Sandalwood Agarwood Cense Holder.

2. Household Indoor Antique Incense Seat Surface of the Incense Box is Engraved with Heart Sutra, Exquisite and Unique Shape, Exquisite Workmanship and Bright Color,upright Pillar Censer with Dragon Phoenix Auspicious Copper Ornaments.

3. Metal Copper Incense Burner Built‑in Small Incense Plug, Three Incense Jacks with Different Diameters, Suitable for a Variety of Incense Types,such As Cense Holder Antique Ornaments Home Decor,tea Ceremony Antique Chinese Retro Decoration.

4. Large Hollow Incense Stick Retro Shape is Very Suitable for Home Decoration or Tea Room Decoration,creativity Censer Alloy Stick Incense Burner,upright Pillar Censer.

5. Antique Vertical Incense Stick is Small Size, Easy to Carry and Store, Convenient to Use for Buddha Heart Sutra Lying Incense Burner,and with Good Performance on Home, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Study Rooms, Tea Rooms, Kitchens, Offices, Hotels, Spa Venues, Hot Spring Rooms, Yoga Rooms, Massage Salons, Health Beauty Centers, Meditation Rooms, Zen Rooms, Churches,etc.


Item Type: Incense Burner/ Incense Stick Seat
Style: Retro Nostalgia Upright Pillar
Size: Approx. 8 x 4cm / 3.1 x 1.6in

Package List:

1 x Incense Burner
1 x Incense Plug Hole

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