Brass Incense Stick and Cone Burner 3"

Brass Incense Stick and Cone Burner 3"

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Brass Incense Stick and Cone Burner 3" Style B

This brass burner can be used for burning incense sticks or cone incense. Its yellow brass has a shiny and elegant look to it. The burner is beautifully decorated with shaped holes that allow the smoke and aroma of the burning incense to fill the space.

Some everyday use things can be made more interesting with some style and design. A number of pooja articles come in different designs, dissimilar to the conventional ones and when we use them in our pooja, it gives an example of our good choice and antique taste. We can use different types of incense holder, metallic lamps which are stylish and good looking. This is an incense holder which almost come in use on a daily basis. This is made of brass and has an antique golden look. Embellish your pooja shelf with this incense holder.

A beautiful incense stick holder for your home.

Material: Brass
Colour: Golden
Size: 3 in
For pooja and decoration purpose

Minimum order is 4 pieces

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